Monday, October 6, 2014

Taking it to the next level, a big challenge and I'M WRITING A BOOK!!!

Hey everyone. Yes, I missed you too--its been a while since my last post but I wanted to share some epiphanies I've been percolating on and that are starting to take form. My heart is still healing (and probably will always be) from my brother's death. One thing that came out of it was a realization of HOW MUCH I WANT FROM THIS LIFE. And part of that longing is bringing all my good stuff to you, my peeps.

Despite all the advice I've received to take it easy and to take my time, I feel a major shove from my muse to take this energy and embrace a project that I've been noodleing for a long time but haven't found the courage to take on until now.

I'm writing a book for you.

Think of it as a love letter and road map to get you to do all the epic shit you've been back-burnering. The thing about epic shit is that it never happens all at once. Even if you are climbing El Capitan you take it one hand-hold at a time judging the course as you go. The way one person climbs the cliff might not be the route you should take on the day you go out to climb. Stubbornly sticking to someone else's well worn path might get you there but there is probably a better way--one meant only for you.

From my years in the technology world as a road map warrior and innovation facilitator I've learned a few things about grand plans--you make the plan and then reality happens.

If you want to get to your goal you need to get agile and to always work with the most effective and critical actions at any given time. It also means integrating those actions in a way that is directly relevant to your life--changes you can live with (not just gritting your teeth through the pain but change that is sane and that makes sense in your life today).

Me, not doing a split September 2014.
As part of my crazy book project I'm taking on a physical challenge to illustrate my process. By the time this book goes to publication (end of 2014) I will be able to do a full split. I can't do this today but I want to put my money where my mouth is and prove my process out as I write. I want to show that this stuff can work for you.

My point is this--there is information on how to do just about anything you want to do BUT only sometimes do we take that good information and use it to create the things we want. Why is that? It has to do with choosing methods and motivations that actually work for and are genuinely meaningful in our lives. We can white knuckle it through most things and get short term results but change that brings a life time result and real behavior change requires a more savvy approach.

Working in the tech sector gave me an interesting view into how many companies get trapped into playing catch up with their competitors. Instead of focusing on what value they can bring their customers, executives stand in the shower and imagine "brilliant" ideas that will make the new "iPhone killer" or whatever.

Interestingly this is a very similar process to when we compare ourselves to others or try to use other people's paths to our own top of the mountain.

Here is a clue--anytime you focus on how your product (or your life goal) is going to kill another product (or put you in a comparison game with someone else) you've already lost--might as well go home.

How is this relevant in your life? And what does doing the splits have to do with that anyway?

It has to do with what your goal means to you--not what someone else came up with.

Using the tools I learned to meet my customer's deepest needs, I will teach you how to find your inner fire for change. I guarantee you its not what you think it is.

And the splits? Looking at this photo getting to the floor looks pretty impossible. Also, I'm 47 so my ligaments are fairly fixed in length. Yet I feel driven to do something that feels impossible. IT LOOKS RAD to do the splits! I can use something rad right about now.

I'll be publishing snippets from my book up til publication--there is no reason why you should wait to get the benefit of what I'm putting into book form. I hope to hear from you and what crazy impossible goals you want to embrace. We'll get there one hand-hold at a time.

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